Half Hitch Core Beer

Glass (16oz): $6.67
Pint (20oz): $8.33

Papa Bear Prairie Ale

Farmer's Daughter Pale Ale

Fire N' Fury Red Ale

Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale

Half Hitch Rotations

Glass (16oz): 7.14
Pint (20oz): 8.81

Citiva East Coast IPA

I know what you're thinking, and before you ask: no, this is not a strain of marijuana. The Citiva hops features notes of stone fruit, soft peach + hints of citrus. Medium bodied, well balanced, clean + crisp.
6.1% ABV

Prairie Wit

Refreshingly fruity, spicy and bubbly. With flavours of orange peel, freshly ground coriander, light wheat and herbal hops, it features barley, wheat, rye and oats from Alberta and Sask.

5% alc, 10 IBU

Infusion Series

Rotating flavours + styles. Ask your server for today's selection!

Craft Pizza

Dill Pickle & Bacon
Our Signature Pizza! Spent grain dough layered with garlic butter, pickles, and crispy bacon. Covered with cheese and topped with even more savoury pickles, fresh herbs, and a drizzle of honey. This pizza will convert any anti-pickle member of your group!
BBQ Chicken
Sweet, smoky and savoury! Spent grain dough topped with tender pieces of chicken, aged cheddar, red onion, and roasted red pepper. Drizzled with honey.
Veggie lovers rejoice! Nut free pesto, roasted red peppers, red onion, wild mushroom and kale are topped with goat cheese, chili flakes, fresh herbs and a drizzle of honey + balsamic glaze. HEAVEN!!
Spicy Hawaiian
Just like the classic Hawaiian, but with a sprinkle of heat for those who dare! Think ham, jalapeños, red onions, and bacon complimented with a hefty dose of cheese and sweet pineapples.
All Meat
The name says it all. Meat aficionados will love the rich intensity of zesty pepperoni, real bacon strips, ham, and salami! Topped with a pile of mozza cheese and baked to perfection.
Wild Mushroom
A mushroom lovers heaven. Fluffy spent grain dough covered in wild mushrooms, aged cheddar, parmesan, and fresh herbs. Topped with a drizzle of truffle oil and balsamic reduction, this Mushroom pizza is next level.
Pepperoni + Mushroom
Tangy marinara on spent grain dough covered with pepperoni and wild mushrooms. Topped with fresh herbs.
4 Cheese
Not your average cheese 'za. We take this classic up a notch with fresh marinara, a hefty dose of mozzarella, aged cheddar, parmesan, and goat cheese. You. Will. Love. It!
Pickled Pepper Popper
Cream cheese base, topped with pepperoncini, banana peppers + jalapeños. Topped with sweetie drops, and whole pepperoncini.
Nashville Hot Chicken
Spent grain dough drizzled with hot sauce, breaded chunks of chicken, crispy pickles, and mozzarella. Topped with shredded romaine lettuce.

Classic Pizza

Classic Cheese
Classic Hawaiian
Classic Pepperoni
Classic Pepperoni + Bacon


The Crowler Combo
2x 1L Crowlers
The Craft Pack
Two 10" Pizzas + a 6-Pack of Half Hitch Brew
The Party Pack
5 x 10" Pizzas + a flat of beer (24)
popNpizza Combo
2x Pizzas + 4 cans of pop.

Other Goodies

Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, bacon, caesar dressing ,spent grain croutons and shaved parmesan. Feeds 3-4 people.
BBQ Chicken Bites
Breaded chicken bites, sprinkled with mixed cheese, jalapeños, chopped red onion + a Memphis BBQ drizzle.
Spent Grain Dough Braid
Spent grain pizza dough, braided and coated with garlic butter + mozzarella. Served with marinara.
Stuffed Portabello Mushroom
Two Portabello mushrooms drizzled with garlic butter and layered with mozzarella
Honey Garlic Meatballs
8 meatballs tossed in honey garlic sauce and topped with arugula.


Farmer's Daughter Pale Ale 6-Pack
*Limited time offer: save $5 per 6-pack*
Fire N' Fury Red Ale 6-Pack
Shotgun Wedding Brown Ale 6-Pack
Papa Bear Prairie Ale 6-Pack
Citiva East Coast IPA 4-Pack
473mL Tall-Boys x 4
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